Today Lucia and I went to meet with Shenny, the teacher from the night school, because she has a women’s group that meets weekly. We informed the women about MIA and Hombres Contra Feminicidio and showed our short DVD’s: one about the campaign in the Santa Barbara school and the other the short film The Impossible Dream (VIDEO LINK HERE), a cartoon about the gendered division of labor. Afterward we facilitated discussion on gender and violence and the women shared personal experiences.

A screen shot from the short film “The Impossible Dream”

A screen shot from the short film “The Impossible Dream”

After the group, we had to say our goodbye’s since Lucia was going to spend her last weekend with her family. She wished me luck and then I was on my own.

That night was a big night for Simón because a book he edited and physically assembled was being released and he had been running around all week making sure everything was ready for the release party on top of work with MIA. The party was held at Libre Café, a cool red building in Zone 1. The book, Triciclo, is a collection of short stories by an author named Juan Calles.

The book

The book

The event was a huge success, there was a large audience, many books were sold, and my friend Jenny came and we were able to relax and talk about things other than work. This is the beginning of my first weekend off since I’ve been here, then I start work first thing again Monday morning with the next meeting with IUMUSAC.

Juan Calles reading one of his stories: Watch video below

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