Delegation Nov 2008, International No Violence Against Women March

The No Violence Against Women March this year comprised about 40 groups and 3000 participants, slightly smaller than last year, but this is probably not because there is less violence, but because people are afraid of violence. One group we work with told us that they didn’t participate this year because of recent death threats.

Our delegates dressed in black with red capes to signify mourning, bloodshed and hope. Mourning for our fallen sisters, the bloodshed that led to their loss, and hope for a better future. A future where women can walk without fear of violence.

We waved the banner of our sister organization, the Guatemala Peace and Development Network, which our founder, Lucia Munoz (shown at right), co-founded in 2001.

This young man was selling nuts and candy on the street.

The delegates talked with one of the police officers patrolling the march route and explained what we were doing there.

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