How Can I Help?

Mujeres Iniciando en las Américas is always ready to find new groups interested in hearing about femicide in Guatemala, so you can invite us to speak to your community group, school, or church.


Twice a year, MIA brings to Guatemala a group of women and men from the U.S. to learn and engage in solidarity activities with women, LGBT, and human rights organizations and also interview with national politicians and U.S. officials in the American Embassy.  Help us take committed students, professors, activist, good samaritans, anyone who is interested in Latin America.

We will be taking a delegation trip in Summer 2012.

If you would like a delegation in a different month, we would be glad to take you but we ask you to find the delegates yourself, at least 10 to be able to make money for our scholarship young women, who you will meet too.

For more information on the next delegation, see Summer 2012 Delegation


Cash donations are always welcome to help us with this work. We are a 501(c)(3) corporation, so your cash donations are deductible.


We love volunteer help! We can use assistance with graphics, writing, seeking grant opportunities, making a presence at events, parades, handing out literature. All kinds of things!


Please contact us at the following email address: miamericas@…

(we write it that way to help fool automatic junk mail generators)

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