TODAY: International Hunger Strike

Dear Friends and Associates,

Today begins the first day of an international hunger strike in recognition of three stolen daughters from Guatemala, who were kidnapped and trafficked for adoption to unsuspecting families in the United States. This strike is an international show of support and continuation of the hunger strike launched by Norma Cruz and Fundacion Sobrevivientes in Guatemala on July 15, 2009.

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We have commitments to fast from around the world, from India to France to Louisiana. We are fasting in honor of three stolen daughters, Anyeli, Heidy, and Arlene, and their brave mothers who face the most unimaginable challenges and loss that any human can imagine. Because we value and celebrate adoption done in ethical and moral practice, we call a strike to voice opposition to those that tarnish and ultimately destroy legitimate adoption practice, rendering legitimate orphans homeless, and profitizing a once humanitarian endeavor.

Recently, it has been publicized that new DNA tests confirm that kidnapped and US-adopted Anyeli is in fact the daughter of Loyda Rodriguez Hernandez, who reported her daughter’s abduction in 2006. Anyeli was allegedly stolen from the front yard of her mother’s home in Guatemala City, falsely declared abandoned, and adopted by a Missouri family after having been renamed Karen Abigail. It is understood that Anyeli was issued a visa from the US Embassy Guatemala in 2008. It is unclear at this time what will be the outcome of this case as it appears there is no legal precedence for the return of a stolen child who was “legally” adopted and who now has US citizenship.

Strike organizers will be traveling to Washington DC this fall to present to US officials strike documentation and compiled research in an ongoing effort of exposure, accountability and justice.

Please forward this email to any interested persons or organizations.

Thank you for your support and interest.

Lucia Muñoz

Executive Director, MIA

3 thoughts on “TODAY: International Hunger Strike

  1. Manifiesto mi total solidaridad con los esfuerzos que realiza MIA y propongo que se elabore una politica de lucha por los derechos de las mujeres en Guatemala. Necesitamos abordar estos problemas en forma integral, porque, lamentablemente, son muchas las acciones que danan a las mujeres y sus hijos/hijas en nuestro pais.

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